Workshops designed to empower you and your team with kinesthetic knowledge.
Tap Dance + Empathy Building
In the book, Designing for Empathy, Andrew writes about three areas of formation required for the experience of synchronicity – a key element of empathy. They are common experience, deep listening, and communal imagination.

Through guided tap dancing, this workshop engages participants in kinesthetic learning about what the formation of those three areas can feel like.
Experiencing kinesthetic learning grounds us in the reality of the physical.
Andrew Nemr
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In the award winning short film, Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story, Andrew uses a list to explore the many labels he identifies with as he asks the questions, "Who am I?"

The Values and Identity Exploration Workshop guides participants through a deep inquiry towards the source of their values and the formative nature labels have on their sense of self.

Formation is the act of becoming. It is what we are always doing. Who we become is greatest work we have in life.
Andrew Nemr
TAP LEGACY™ Workshop
As founder of the Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Andrew has gained significant insight towards the realities of oral traditions and oral communities as they affect the way people relate today.

The Tap Legacy™ Workshop brings forth these realities – ways of trust, feedback, and alignment – for the benefit of teams and work groups.

Who we become is in part a function of all the relationships that we are a part of – in this time and across generations.
Andrew Nemr
The Approach: Life is a Dance
Andrew's approach to team training and facilitation uses dance as analogy, inspiration, and kinesthetic learning tool.

Most workshops use tap dance – the experience of organized movement and sound – to facilitate interaction with deeper ideas.

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Life is often an interaction between inspiration, action, and outcomes. Dance is a wonderful analogy through which we can deeply explore this interaction.
Andrew Nemr
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